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    Q: What happened to Skype video app and Messaging Integration? What is Skype for Windows 10?
    A: We recently released Skype for Windows 10 for you to test and give us feedback through the Windows Feedback app. Skype for Windows 10 has replaced the integration of Skype features into Skype video and Messaging apps on Windows PCs and large tablets. The decision to launch a Skype app with all features in one place is due to feedback we heard from users like you desiring a single place to manage both their chat and voice conversations so that they can take better advantage of their screen.

    Q: I see two Skype apps on my PC. Shouldn’t one replace the other?
    A: While we gather your feedback the Skype classic application will continue to exist. To ensure you have the best Skype experience possible on your PC, if you sign into Skype for Windows 10 with the same account, we will sign you out of the Skype classic application if you are using the same account and vice versa. When the new application meets a feature and quality bar, we will streamline to just offer Skype for Windows 10 on Windows 10 devices.

    Q: What platforms are SMS relay capabilities available on?
    A: We are currently rolling out SMS relay capabilities to Windows Mobile consumers who are in the Windows Insiders program.

    Q: Will you bring SMS relay capabilities to other platforms?
    A: We are currently rolling out SMS relay capabilities to Windows 10 Mobile Insiders. We do not have information on additional platforms at this time.

    Q: I am in the Windows Mobile Insider program, why don't I see a "Make Skype your default messaging app" in my settings?
    A: In order to use the SMS relay feature in Skype on Windows Mobile, you need to be signed-in with a Microsoft account

    Q: What about features like sending contacts or video messaging?
    A: We plan to add more sharing features in upcoming releases.

    Q: What about changing my availability?
    A: We'll add the ability to change your availability in the next couple of updates. 

    Q: What happened to the menus?
    A: We are streamlining the user experience to avoid duplicate menus. Any global menus (like your audio and video settings) you’ll find in one centralized menu (see the gear at the bottom of your Skype for Windows 10 window). For contextual menus – for example notification settings for each conversation – you’ll find them associated with the item you want to control. Most of the contextual menus will be exposed in upcoming releases.

    Q: What languages is Skype for Windows 10 available?
    A: Skype for Windows 10 is available in the same languages that Windows 10 OS is available.

    Q: How do I provide feedback?
    A: Windows Insiders have a Windows Feedback app. In this app, search for Skype and upvote a trending topic or create a new entry.

    Q: Will Skype for Windows 10 replace the current app on Windows 10 phone (Silverlight)?   
    A: Skype for Windows 10 will replace the current Skype app in the future and will offer a more comprehensive feature set. 

    Q: What features will Skype for Windows 10 have on Windows 10 phone?
    A: Skype for Windows 10 Windows Mobile app will have all the features that Skype for Windows 10 has on PCs. Because of this, you will now be able to make group video calls on Windows 10 phones, one of our most requested Skype features.

    Q:  What if I don’t want to use Skype on my Windows 10 phone? 
    A: Skype for Windows 10 will come pre-installed on new Windows 10 phones to make it easier to login and get started using Skype. Following the upgrade to Windows 10 on existing mobile devices, Skype for Windows 10 will replace the current Silverlight app. With any app on your mobile device, you can choose whether you want to sign-in and use it.

    Q: Why don’t I have the new Skype for Windows 10 Mobile app? 
    A: Depending on which version of Skype you had installed on your Windows phone; you may not have received the new Skype with the latest update. Please uninstall and reinstall Skype from the Windows app store. 

    Q: How do I get Windows 10 Mobile? How do I know Windows 10 is supported on my phone? 
    A: To check if your phone is eligible for Windows 10 Mobile and for instructions on how to upgrade your phone, go to our Windows 10 Specifications page under Mobile


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