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How to use Giphy with Skype for Web

Giphy is an online database that allows you to search for animated GIFs. Now, you can share them with your friends on Skype for Web.  

There are two ways you can use Giphy to send GIFs with Skype for Web. If you're feeling a little adventurous, let fate take over by sending your friend a random GIF based only on a word or phrase. Or, if you need to keep things a bit more formal, use the expression picker to choose a specific GIF. 

GIF it to me - sending a random GIF
Use expression picker - sending a specific GIF

GIF it to me - sending a random GIF

So, you're feeling brave and decided to take a chance on destiny?

Type /giphy in the message area, followed by a word or phrase. As soon as you hit Enter, Giphy sends your contact a random GIF. Let's give it a try:

/giphy cute cat

Be still my beating heart....cute cats get me every time. 


Use expression picker - sending a specific GIF

When you need to express yourself more specifically, give the expression picker a try:

  1. Open expression picker, and select the Giphy tab.

  2. Trending results are shown automatically. Select one of these or search using a word or phrase to see a preview. 

  3. Click a GIF to send. 

Your GIF will be sent along with the word or phrase you used to find it. 

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