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    How do I turn off notifications in Skype for Windows 10?

    When Skype for Windows 10 is running, notifications for instant messages and voice or video calls will pop up on your desktop. You can control whether you get those or not.

    To turn Skype for Windows 10 notifications on or off:

    1. From your desktop, select the Start menu.
    2. Select Settings and then System.
    3. Select Notifications & actions and scroll down to Get notifications from these senders.
    4. From there you can toggle Skype for Windows 10 notifications On or Off.

    You can turn off or reduce notifications within Skype for Windows 10 - useful for when group chats get a little too noisy. To do this:

    1. In Skype for Windows 10, from your Contacts or Recent tab, select the conversation you want to turn notifications off.
    2. Right click and select View Profile.
    3. To stop receiving alerts of new messages, select Notify me when something new happens, and toggle it Off.

    You can turn off notifications for any instant messages:

    1. In Skype for Windows 10, select  Settings.
    2. For IMs, under Notification Settings, toggle Instant Messages On or Off.
    3. For calls, under Notification Settings, toggle Incoming calls On or Off

    To turn notification sounds on or off:

    1. In Skype for Windows 10, select  Settings.
    2. Under Notification Settings you can toggle Play sound for incoming IM in recent chat or current chat On or Off.

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