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    How do I share my screen in Skype for Windows 10?

    Screen sharing lets you show your computer screen to one or more of your contacts on Skype for free. It’s perfect for business presentations, showing photos and videos to family, or getting help from your tech-savvy friend. Your contacts can hear as well as see what you share, so you can play videos and audio files while sharing your screen.

    If you're in a group call, only one person can share their screen at a time.

    To share your screen:

    1. In Skype for Windows 10, start a voice or video call.
    2. During the call, select the ... more button, then select Share screen

      Menu options
    3. If you're using more than one screen, select the screen that you want to share.
    4. To stop sharing your screen, select Stop sharing.

    Having problems? Get help with screen sharing.

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