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    What is Skype Web Control?

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    Skype Web Control is a fast way for website visitors to communicate directly with a company representative in real-time right on the businesses website. It appears as a chat box on their website and is extremely fast and simple. The website owner decides who is on the other end of the chat - it could be the owner themselves, someone else from their business, or even a bot that provides intelligent responses to questions. 

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    Just click on the chat icon and start typing!

    If you're signed in on Skype for Web, then you'll be automatically signed in to Skype Web Control. If you're signed out of Skype Web Control then you're also signed out of Skype for Web. 

    No, but if you have a Skype account and you're signed in with your existing Skype Name or Microsoft account, you will see your Skype Web Control conversations across all your Skype clients on all your devices. 

    You can send messages, pictures, files, and emoticons.  

    To send attachments, select the attachment icon and then choose a file to send.

    A Skype user's avatar is a circle while bots and business' avatars are hexagons. 

    Yes. When you sign in to Skype on any app or device you'll see your conversation history from Skype Web Control messages. 

    Select the sign in button before you start chatting. The person or bot you're chatting with will be automatically added to your contacts. 

    Yes! Skype calling to another Skype user is supported on Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome for Desktop. Google Chrome on Android only enables audio calling capabilities. Safari and Firefox is currently not supported. 

    Sign out of Skype Web control by selecting your name at the beginning of your conversation, and then selecting the sign out button. You'll still be able to instant message, but those messages will no longer be visible in your other Skype clients and are not saved.

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