Why is my subscription no longer available?

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    Skype is committed to providing you with low cost calling rates. We regularly review our subscriptions to make sure we're giving our customers the best value. Occasionally subscriptions may become unavailable through one of our partners or we may discontinue some subscriptions.

    If your subscription is discontinued or becomes unavailable, we will notify you in your Skype account, or by other reasonable means, that your subscription will not be renewed. It will remain active until its expiry date, but it won't automatically renew and you won't be able to re-purchase that subscription. If you want to continue making low-cost calls with a calling plan, you will need to choose a new one.

    To choose a new subscription, go to our subscriptions page and select or search for the country you want to call. Choose a calling option and a billing period, then click Buy selection. Remember, your new subscription will automatically renew at the end of each billing period, as long as you have a valid payment method in your account and, of course, subject to the availability of the subscription.