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    What should I do if spam messages or links are sent from my account?

    Some Skype customers have reported that their accounts have been used to send spam instant messages to their contacts. Spam messages include links to sites such as Baidu, LinkedIn and other popular services. If you think your Skype account has been hacked in this way, follow these steps to secure your account.

    1. Fully combine your Skype account with your Microsoft account.

      Even if you’ve previously linked your Skype account with your Microsoft account, we strongly recommend that you update your accounts so that they are fully combined. This simplifies sign-in, improves security and makes it easier to recover your account if you forget your password.

      After you have updated your accounts, you will use your Microsoft account password to sign in, even for Skype.

    2. Protect your account.

      To make your account extra secure, set up two-step verification on your Microsoft account. This helps protect you by making it more difficult for someone else to sign in to your account.

    Learn more about keeping your account secure.

    We believe hackers have illegally obtained username and password combinations used on other websites and then tried using them to sign in to Skype. If you re-use credentials on different sites and services, then just one attack on one of these sites can compromise those credentials everywhere else. That’s why we recommend you use a unique username and password combination, and set up two-step verification on your Microsoft account.

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