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    What's new in Skype for Xbox One?

    Looking for the latest Skype for Xbox One release? Wondering what feature changes and improvements are in each release? Check the table below for all of the details on the most recent releases.



    Main changes

    Skype for Xbox One 10.0.15063.3054
    Released May 25, 2017


    • We've fixed an issue where you couldn't launch a game during an ongoing Skype call.
    • Improved zoom: we've increased the zoom power for manual zoom to 2.5x, and made video tracking smoother when using auto-zoom.
    • Respond to messages quicker: when you open a conversation, the text box is already selected. Just tap on the A button to bring up the keyboard.

    Skype for Xbox One 11.13.2018
    Released April 13, 2017



    Welcome to the new and improved Skype App on Xbox! Here are some new features and functionality we’ve added: 

    • Manual zoom
    • Updated UI that makes calls easier
    • Controller shortcuts
    • Improved Group Video calling
    • Send photos, videos, and files using a USB drive or OneDrive
    • Edit IMs
    • Send Skype Mojis in chat
    • Interact with Skype Bots
    • Send and receive SMS from Windows 10 Mobile on an Xbox One
    • Submit feedback directly in the app

    No longer supported:

    • Snap mode

    Please stay tuned for more updates!

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