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    What are Add-ins and how do I use them in the new Skype?

    Add-ins help you to easily search the web, share content, and get things done in conversations without switching apps - they're always just a swipe away. 

    New Add-ins will be added frequently, and may differ by region, so be sure to check back often.

    1. In a chat, tap the Find screen, or swipe to the right.
    2. Find an Add-in and tap it.
      • Tap Search the web to search for an answer or website.
      • Tap Restaurants, Movies, or Images for a filtered seach (supported in specific regions).
      • Tap an Add-in such as YouTube, GIPHY, or Poll to explore more.
    3. Browse the Add-in, and then tap Send to a chat in the footer or in the page to send a card or URL to the chat.  

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