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    How do I find a photo, web link or file sent in a chat in the new Skype?

    1. While in a conversation, tap on the Chat or Group header.

      Alternatively, from the Chats screen, tap and hold on an individual chat and tap View profile or tap and hold on a group chat and tap Manage group
    2. In the profile, scroll down and tap the Chat or Group Gallery.
    3. Within the Gallery you can view any Media Gallery Media button, Web links Gallery Web Link button or Files Gallery files button that have been shared.
    4. Tap the one you want to open.  

    With a photo, tap Share, where you can:

    • Save or Share photos you've received.
    • Save, Forward, or Remove photos you've sent.

    With a web link, you can:

    • Tap to open the link in a browser.
    • Tap and hold to CopyForward, Remove, Quote or View the web link in the chat. Your menu options may be different depending on the link type. 


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