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    How do I view someone's profile in the new Skype?

    1. Find the person's profile you want to view in the Chats screen, or use Search.
    2. Tap and hold on their name, and then tap View profile. Alternatively, from within a chat, tap their name or picture next to one of their messages to view their profile. 

      View a profile from the chat screen
    • Edit their name: Tap the edit  edit icon button, enter a new name, and confirm your changes. When you edit someone's name, it only changes how their name appears to you. 
    • Send a message: Tap Send message.
    • Start an audio call: Tap Start call to start an audio call with this person. 
    • Start a video call: Tap Start video call to start a video call with this person. 
    • Follow or View their Highlights: If you aren't already following this person, tap Follow Highlights to start following their highlights. Once they've approved your request, you can view their highlights by tapping View Highlights. If they don't have any highlights, you'll have the option to chat. 
    • Send money: Tap Send money to send and receive money with your friends and family.
    • Create a new group: Tap Create a new group, select the people you want to add to the group from the list, or use Search, and then tap the Done button. 

      Create a new group chat
    • Add them to favorites: Tap Add to favorites to add them to your Favorites list in People. 
    • Add or Delete contact: Tap to add or delete this person to your Skype contacts. You will only see this option if they are not in your synced mobile device address book as well.
    • Chat gallery:  Tap Chat Gallery to view all of the images, links, and files that have been shared to this chat. 
    • Notifications: Tap Notifications to turn notifications on or off for this chat. 
    • Pin chat: Pin this chat to the top of your Chats screen. 
    • Start a Group with a Bot: Search for and include a Skype bot in your conversation.
    • Delete chat: Tap Delete chat to delete your entire conversation.
    • Block them: Tap Block contact to Block or unblock. Learn more about blocking and reporting someone in Skype. 

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