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    How do I manage notifications in the new Skype?

    1. From the Chats screen, tap your profile picture.
    2. Tap the Settings  button and scroll to Notifications.
    3. Toggle the listed notification types on or off.

    Alternatively, you can turn your Notifications for conversations off to stop all chat notifications in the new Skype. From the Chats screen, tap your profile pictureNotifications for conversations do not disturb button button > Turn Off.

    Yes, you can control alerts for specific conversations in Skype. 

    1. Tap the contact or group name at the top of the chat window.
    2. Toggle notifications off or on for that chat.

      Alternatively for group chats, you can enable Smart notifications so you will only be notified when you are quoted or @mentioned.

    There could be a few reasons why you might not be receiving notifications:

    • Notifications will stop when you sign out of the app. Make sure you are signed in.
    • Make sure your Notifications for conversations mode is on. From the Chats screen, tap your profile picture, if Notifications for conversations is off Do not disturb button, tap it and tap Turn On.
    • Verify that you haven't turned Skype notifications off from your device settings. Settings are managed differently depending on the device. If you’re not sure how to check your device settings, you may need to check the manufacturer’s website.
    • Make sure you haven't turned notifications off for a specific conversation.
    • Make sure you're using the latest version of Skype.

    If you close the Skype app without signing out first, you might still receive notifications. If you want to stop these notifications, you can either disable them from your Settings or sign out before you close the app.

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