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    What are Highlights, and how do I use them in Skype on mobile?

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    Highlights are only available in Skype on iOS and Android (6.0+). 

    Highlights in Skype let you share your life with friends, and family, and see what they are up to. Capture a moment, and add some personalized text, stickers, or drawings, and then share it with your followers. 

    To get started, tap the Highlights Highlights tab tab, and then...

    Start following the people you care about

    1. Choose the people you want to follow from the suggestions, or tap the menu button (three horizontal lines). 
    2. Tap the Follow people follow people button button.

      Follow People button
    3. Choose the people you want to follow from the list, or use search, and then tap Follow. They'll need to accept your follow request before you can see their highlights. 

      Follow button

      Once they accept, you'll get a notification, and you will see them in My Highlights my highlights button in the Following tab. 

      Following button

    Accept your friends' requests to follow you

    1. Before your friends can see your highlights, you need to accept their request to follow you. To view and respond to follow requests, tap your Notifications Notification button.
    2. Tap accept  accept a follow request or reject reject a follow request

      Highlight notification
    3. Once you accept, you'll see a notification that they can now view your highlights when you tap your Notifications Notification button

      Highlight notifications

    Take or upload a photo or video and add it to your highlights

    1. Tap the Add Highlight Add Highlight button  button, and then tap  New Highlight.
    2. Upload or take a photo or video, and then personalize it with photo effects, text, stickers, or drawings.

      personalize your highlight

    3. Tap the send send button button to add it to your highlights. 

      send to your highlights

      Alternatively, you can use Capture to send your photo or video to your highlights and to multiple individual chats at the same time; even to people who don't follow you. Just tap the send send button button, select who you want to share it with, and then tap the send send button button again.

      send to multiple chats and to your highlights


    Share your highlights

    1. Tap the Highlights Highlights tab tab, and then tap the share  button.
    2. Choose the people you want to share your highlights with from your recommended list, or use search, and then tap the send send button button.

      Share my highlights

    3. Your friends will receive an invitation in their Skype chat to Follow your Highlights.

    You can view and react to your friends' highlights for one week. 

    Your highlights are always visible to you, but disappear from your friends' view after one week. 

    You can invite any of your friends to follow your highlights, but they won't be able to follow you if they don't have the latest version of Skype. 

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