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    What features are exclusive to the new Skype?

    You may have heard that there's an all new Skype available. We hope you'll give it a try now or as soon as it's available for you, and let us know what you think. Learn more about system requirements for the new Skype.

    In the meantime, here are some of the things you may experience when you're communicating with other people who are using features exclusive to the new Skype:

    • Message reactions: The new Skype lets you send reactions to other peoples' chat messages. If you don't have it yet, you might not be able to see message reactions sent from the new Skype. 
    • Highlights: Highlights is a new Skype feature that allows you to share your everyday experiences with your followers. Someone using the new Skype can request to follow your highlights or share their highlights with you even if you don’t have the new Skype yet. When you are able to get the new Skype, you'll be able to accept their follow or share request. 
    • Information cards: There are several features in the new Skype that lead to information cards being shared in the chat stream. For example, using Skype Money, chat Add-ins, or interactions with bots. In many of these scenarios, you will see the information card but you will not be able to take action within an older Skype client. Where possible, you will be able to complete the action in a web page. Where that's not possible, you'll be brought to this page. 
    • Sharing photos and reactions in a call: The new Skype calling experience allows you to react (e.g. heart, thumbs up, etc.) and share photos while you're in the call. If you're using an older client, you will not see these new capabilities. A call participant using the new Skype who reacts or shares a photo will be informed if other participants can't see what they've done.

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