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    What languages are supported and how do I change them in the new Skype?

    Skype follows the language you have selected in your device OS settings. If you prefer to use a different language in the new Skype, you can enter the /language command in any chat, followed by the language code listed below, to change it.

    Example: /language es

    Support Language Language Code
    Arabic ar
    Bulgarian bg
    Catalan ca
    Chinese (Simplified) zh-CN
    Chinese (Traditional) zh-TW
    Croatian hr
    Czech cs
    Danish da
    Dutch nl
    English en
    English (United Kingdom) en-GB
    Estonian et
    Finnish fi
    French fr
    German de
    Greek el
    Hebrew he
    Hindi hi
    Hungarian hu
    Indonesian id
    Italian it
    Japanese ja
    Korean ko
    Latvian lv
    Lithuanian lt
    Malay ms
    Norwegian nb
    Polish pl
    Portuguese pt
    Portuguese (Brazil) pt-BR
    Romanian ro
    Russian ru
    Serbian (Latin) sr-Latn
    Slovak sk
    Slovenian sl
    Spanish es
    Spanish (Mexico) es-MX
    Spanish (United States) es-US
    Swedish sv
    Thai th
    Turkish tr
    Ukrainian uk
    Vietnamese vi

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