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    What does it mean that Skype TX is retiring certain versions?

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    We are continuously evolving Skype to offer our users the latest technology. Therefore, Skype and Skype TX is transitioning from a peer-to-peer architecture to a cloud infrastructure.

    Starting August 30th, 2017, we are retiring all Skype TX channel versions below 2.17.513.1 as they do not support the Next Generation Calling (NGC).  In addition, you will also need to update your TX Controller application to version 2.17.601.4 or above. You will no longer be able to sign in to Skype TX using older versions.

    Q: Why are peer-to-peer users no longer able to sign in to Skype TX?
    A: We want to create the best possible app experience for our Skype users which means we must make some changes along the way. These decisions are hard to make but will enable us to focus our efforts on transitioning Skype TX from a peer-to-peer video app to a modern, mobile friendly cloud architecture.  Moving to the cloud ensures that new Skype features are available when you want them.

    Q: How do I upgrade my unit to the latest NGC supported version of Skype TX?
    A: Contact the manufacturer of your unit to ensure you have the latest version of your providers software. The latest TX Channel version is advertised only on the released version of V2 clients. All V1 units need to be upgraded by the manufacturer.

    Contact the manufacturer support or visit their website.

    Future TX Channel updates will appear in the version management tab of Skype TX controller, you will see the latest advertised version. Click on the link to upgrade your Skype TX Channels.

    Q: Where can I download the latest version of the Skype TX controller?
    A: Latest version of the controller can be downloaded here

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