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    How do I manage sending and receiving money on Skype via PayPal?

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    Note: Money is going away as of July 1, 2020. Learn more about Skype Money going away.

    Managing your Money transactions is easy on

    If you receive money into your PayPal account in a currency that you've not previously received, you'll be asked to sign into your PayPal account to confirm how you want to receive the money.

    You will have 3 options: 

    1. Create a new PayPal balance in your PayPal account.
    2. Convert the payment to your primary PayPal currency. Please note, fees or charges may apply.
    3. Deny the transaction. This will return the money back to the sender. 

    To withdraw money transferred in Skype, you will need to access your PayPal account directly via or the PayPal app, and select the withdraw tab. You will also need a bank account added to your PayPal account to complete the withdrawal.

    The money transfer will settle to your PayPal account balance.

    1. Sign in to your PayPal account.
    2. Select the Activity tab.
    3. Select the payment you sent or received.
    4. In the note field, it will say Sent on Skype.

    Transaction limits are the same as on In some cases, after certain amounts or thresholds, you may be requested to provide more information by signing in to PayPal during the payment session to continue to send money.

    If you send or receive an international personal payment using your PayPal balance or bank account, PayPal will charge a cross border fee, which can range from 0.5% to 2% of the payment amount.

    If you use a credit or debit card to fully or partially fund international personal payments, PayPal will charge a cross border fee, which can range from 2.9% to 7.4% plus an additional fixed fee. The fixed fee is based on the currency of the payment recipient.

    For cross-border transfers sent from the US, you can cancel your transfer within 30 minutes as long as the recipient hasn’t claimed the transfer. For a full refund, please check the details on your payment confirmation email, visit in your transaction details and select Cancel, or call PayPal Customer Service at 888-221-1161.

    Yes. You should first contact the recipient and ask for them to refund the transfer on In some cases, the transaction can be canceled by the sender if the receiver has not claimed the payment yet.

    If PayPal is notified that a payment you received was not authorized or may be fraudulent, they are required to reverse the transaction.

    Note: Non-commercial payments are not eligible for seller protection.

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