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    Release Notes for the new Skype on Mobile

    Android and iOS begins rolling out February 5, 2018, and releases gradually over the next week.

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    You asked, we delivered

    • Send SMS text messages! You've been asking and now it's here, you can send text messages to your friends on Skype
    • Search results defined: We've made it easier to see where your search results are coming from; your existing contacts, messages in one-to-one and group chats, and potentially new contacts.
    • Stop scrolling and get right to it. Now you can instantly jump to your most recent message within a chat. Just select the down chevron button next to the message window.
    • Share files on Android: From your Add to chat button, tap the file button to share any files from your phone with your friends in chat.
    • Improvements to iOS call handling: If you were having issues with your phone alarm causing calls to stop, hold, and resume, this has been fixed. 
    • Improved Android audio controls: Easily switch between your speaker, wired headset, or Bluetooth device. 
    • Purchase flow enhancements on iOS: Having trouble with a purchase? We fixed the issue.
    • Accessibility performance improvements

    Upcoming cool stuff

    • Call snapshots.
    • View special photos together in a call.
    • Stay tuned for much more…
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    Previous release notes

    Android & iOS begins rolling out Januray 10, 2018, and releases gradually over the next week.
    • Notifications: We've added a new notification type. Toggle Tips & Tricks on to receive in-app notifications from Skype about features. 
    • Updates to Calling: Sending reactions and photos during a call has a new location in the Plus menu which is displayed while on your call.

    Android & iOS begins rolling out December 4, 2017, and releases gradually over the next week

    • Share and share alike: A new, easier way to invite anyone to join your group conversation. To give it a try, select Share link to join group right at the top of your group profile. 
    • Call controls shortcut: When Skype is running in the background during a call, you can turn the call controls shortcut window on or off. Go to Settings > Calling > Toggle Show call window when Skype is in the background on or off.
    • Call Quality Indicator: We've added a Call Quality Indicator that displays if there's a problem with your call, so you can check your connection speed in Skype. 
    • Quickly find more message reactions: We've added a right and left arrow button to messaging reactions, so you can easily find even more reactions to express your feelings. 
    • Camera not working during a video call: We've fixed the Skype camera issue with video calling.

    Android & iOS begins rolling out November 6, 2017, and releases gradually over the next week.

    • Photo effects: Once you take a photo, choose from a carousel of fun effects. Save or share the picture you created.
    • Place calls on hold: Place a call on hold while taking another call.

    Android & iOS begins rolling out October 23, 2017, and releases gradually over the next week.

    • Presence changes you asked for: From your profile, set yourself to ActiveDo not Disturb, or Invisible
    • A new way to manage and control notifications: Learn how to set your Do Not Disturb presence, and manage notifications in the new Skype.
    • Call a phone number right from your contacts profile. If your friend has a phone number saved, you can easily tap it to call them right from their profile.
    • Quick microphone and camera permissions on iPhone: It's now easier to enable your microphone and camera permissions during a call with one tap.
    • Cortana suggestions got a refresh: We heard the suggestions were a little large. We've updated the size to be a little more balanced. 

    Android & iOS begins rolling out October 9, 2017, and releases gradually over the next two weeks.

    • Contact filtering made easy. You can easily filter your Skype contacts by AllSkype only contacts, and which of your contacts is Active Now on Skype.

    Android & iOS begins rolling out September 26, 2017, and releases gradually over the next two weeks.

    • Save phone numbers as contacts. Any phone number you've called can be added as a contact. 
    • Manage how people find you in Skype. Choose which phone numbers others can find you by on Skype.
    • Manage bots easier. Use the new Delete option to remove bots from your chat list. 

    Android & iOS begins rolling out September 12, 2017, and releases gradually over the next two weeks.

    • Quick Sign in. Quickly sign back into your app with one tap, after signing out.
    • Contacts filter. Easily filter your contacts to show who is on Skype and who is not.
    • Contacts number. Any phone numbers your contacts have listed will now show in your contact's profile.
    • Highlight notification. Receive push notifications on your device when someone you follow posts a new highlight.
    • iOS crash issues. If you were having issues with your app, they should be fixed now.
    • Unable to sign out on Android. You can sign out of your app on Android.

    Android & iOS begins rolling out August 28, 2017, and releases gradually over the next two weeks.

    • Ability to switch languages. Under settings you now have the freedom to change your app language. Learn more.
    • Tired of calls answering in Speakerphone? Well it’s finally here, when answering calls with audio only your incoming calls should go to your earpiece first and not the speakerphone. While answering calls with video the call will then go to your speakerphone.
    • Highlights notifications. Now when one of your friends sends you a direct message to one of your Highlights, you will receive a notification.
    • Capture screen bug. Fixed a bug where when entering the capture screen the screen would just be black. Let us know if this issue continues.
    • Contact list for voiceover. Made improvements to the contact list for voiceover. Should be clearer who is online and who is not.
    • Panoramic photos, can now be uploaded to Highlights.

    Android & iOS and begins rolling out August 14, 2017, and releases gradually over the next two weeks.

    • Set your Mood! Under settings you can now change your mood message letting everyone know how you feel. Learn more.
    • Notification bug fixed. Missed a call because it didn't ring. We have made more improvements in this area. Let us know if you experience more notification issues.
    • Presence voice over has been added, making it easier to find who is online.
    • Coach marks have been added, giving an in-depth tour of the app.
    • Blocked contacts bug fixed. Were you receiving calls from blocked contacts? We fixed the issue.
    • Profile picture. You can now zoom and crop your picture!
    • Chinese public/government calls. The ability to dial and call 3 or 7 digit numbers has been added.
    • Contact bug fix. We fixed an issue where phone numbers were not showing up as a name even though it was in the address book.
    • Chat history. Having trouble trying to find a certain date in a conversation? We added the floating banner with the date when you are scrolling, making it easier to find that exact date you are looking for.
    • Top crashes. We are always focused on these, let us know if you encounter a problem!
    • Highlights. Skype will no longer be prefetching highlights while battery saver mode is turned on.
    • Avacadolove emoji is back!

    Android & iOS and begins rolling out August 1, 2017, and releases gradually over the next two weeks

    • Online status is back!!! Due to MASSIVE popular demand, customers want to see when their friends and coworkers are currently active in Skype. It is super easy! Your green dot will automatically show when your status is Active Now. Learn more.
      You can also filter your Chat List by Active, try the filter icon in the search box.
    • Want to be invisible? ...turn off the new green dot. That was another popular request, so we added that too! Go to Settings > Privacy > turn off “Show my presence to others”. Learn more.
    • Dark theme. No need to describe this one. If you are one of the many who asked for it, you got it. Enjoy! Learn more
    • Monochromatic theme. was added for those who requested less gradients or a more professional color scheme. Learn more
    • Managing blocked contacts is much easier. Go to Settings > Privacy > Manage blocked users. Learn more
    • iOS share charm has been added, so you can share those important things with your friends and family.
    • Notification bugs fixed. Missed a call because it didn’t ring? We’ve fixed one bug in this area, but let us know if you experience more notification issues.
    • Top crashes. We are always focused on these, let us know if you hit a problem!
    • Make phone calls more easily – You can now make phone calls to non-Skype users when you search for them in Skype. Just tap on their name in Search and select the Call option.
    • Reduced squiggle lines in the Chat list. Based on feedback the lines were a little too distracting, we’ve reduced the use of them in UX.
    • Setting icon got a refresh. We heard the icon looked like a sun, we updated the icon to look more like the traditional gear icon.
    • Problem playing videos? People reported they could not play videos, we found a bug and fixed it.

    Android & iOS and release July 19, 2017

    • Chat bubble (message padding) has been reduced, it was huge! Smaller padding size allows you to view more of your message at once.
    • Unread messages count on the home screen is now up and running so you don't miss those important chats.
    • Xiaomi Mi5 Audio Issues have been fixed, all it took was some Skype magic.
    • Android share charm has been added, so you can share those important things with your friends and family.
    • iOS voice over for screen readers has been fixed, making it easier to compose your chats and review them before sending.
    • Delete Skype contacts is here, but keep in mind you will only see this option if they are not in your synced mobile device address book as well.


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