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    How can I use Cortana in a chat with new Skype on Mobile?

    Cortana is an intelligent assistant that you can use right from your Skype chats to help you with smart replies, useful information like restaurants and movie times and actions such as reminders. Currently Cortana is only available with the new Skype on Mobile in the United States.

    Cortana is automatically added as a contact, and you can find Cortana in your address book and chat screen.

    Cortana in chat screen

    To enable Cortana to be a part of your conversations:

    1. From your chat screen, tap Cortana.
    2. Once you start a chat with her, she'll request your permission to use your location and IM conversations in Skype.
    3. Select Agree.
    4. Start chatting to Cortana and look out for helpful suggestions in chats with your friends and family.

    Note: If you haven't updated your Skype account to a Microsoft account, you'll be taken through the process in order to enable Cortana. Learn more.

    What can Cortana do for me?

    Cortana will intelligently suggest smart replies in your chats.

    Cortana suggested responses

    If Cortana's responses aren't helpful, you can tap the thumbs down to send your feedback and dismiss them.

    Cortana can provide additional information for restaurants or movies you are discussing in your chat. You can view this information and share to your chat as well.

    Cortana movie card
    Share movie card


    How do I remove Cortana from my contacts?

    You can't remove Cortana from your contacts, but you can remove her from the top of your recent chats. Tap and hold on your Cortana chat, and select Unpin chat.

    How do I turn Cortana suggestions off in my chats?

    1. Tap your Profile Picture.
    2. Tap the Settings button.
    3. Scroll down and tap Cortana.
    4. Toggle Cortana off. Switching her off will remove your permissions. To re-enable her, you'll have to give her permission again.

    Does Cortana work in voice or video calls?

    No, currently Cortana only works in chat.

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