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    Release Notes for the Skype Preview for Desktop, Mac and Linux

    ​Windows Desktop, Mac and Linux begins rolling out September 13, 2017, and releases gradually over the next two weeks.

    Release Notes intro

    You asked, we delivered

    • Contacts number:  Any phone numbers your contacts have listed will now show in your contact's profile.
    • Close account:  Easily access it from your profile but we hate to see you go!
    • Address book sync for Mac:  Sync your Mac address book with Skype.

    Upcoming cool stuff

    • Discover carousel
    • Further improvements to the chat header.
    • Improved use of spacing across the app.
    • Ability to control start-up and window behaviors.
    • and so much more...

    Windows Desktop & Mac 8.5 begins rolling out August 2017, and releases gradually over the next two weeks.

    You asked, we delivered

    • Collapse the Chat List:  We’ve added a button to let you manually collapse the chat list.
    • Shrinking Chat header:  As you navigate a conversation the chat header will tuck away to give you more of your messages to view.
    • Gallery loads more content:  We addressed some issues where older shared content didn’t show up in the Gallery.
    • Make a test call:  From Settings > Audio & Video Settings > you can now easily make a test call to ensure you are set up correctly.


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