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    How do I send an instant message in Skype on desktop?

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    1. From the Chats screen, select the person or group you want to instant message. 
    2. Type your message in the chat window and tap Send send button.

      To jump to your most recent message within a chat, select the down chevron down chevron button button. 

    Right-click your message. From the menu, you can:

    • Edit your message.
    • Copy your message to paste in a conversation window.
    • Quote your message in a conversation window.
    • Forward your message to another conversation.
    • Select Messages to choose messages to copy, forward, or remove. 
    • Remove your message.

    React to messages you've received

    Click the smiley face smiley face button  button in the top right corner of an instant message you've received. A selection of available reactions will display. New reactions will be added frequently, and may differ by region. Click the arrows to choose from additional reactions available.

    Selecting the emoticon will send it automatically.

    Copy, Quote, Forward and Report a received message 

    Right-click the message you've received. From the menu, you can:

    • Copy the message to be pasted in a conversation window.
    • Quote that message in a conversation window.
    • Forward the message to another contact.
    • Select Messages to choose messages to copy or forward.
    • Mark the message as Unread from here.
    • Report this conversation as spam or containing inappropriate material.
    1. In the Chats screen, select the down down chevron button button under the Search Skype bar. 
    2. From the Sort by menu, you can filter your chats by: 
      • Time
      • Unread
      • Active
    1. While in your chat, select the emoticon smiley face button or Moji Moji button button.
    2. Scroll through the options to find the emoticon or Moji you want to send. Alternatively, you can use Search  to type a description or the name of the emoticon or Moji you want. As you type, your options will narrow down to match what you are looking for.
    3. After selecting the emoticon or Moji, select Send.

    No emergency calls with Skype
    Skype is not a replacement for your telephone and can't be used for emergency calling