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    How do I manage group chats in Skype on desktop?

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    Make changes to your Group Profile

    1. From your recent chat list, right-click the group you want to manage, and then select Manage group
    2. From the group profile you can:
    • Add or update a group picture: Select the group picture to upload a photo or remove the photo altogether.  
    • Choose a new color for your group: Select the Edit edit button button next to your group picture to select a new color. It may take a little time before your color updates.
    • Change your group name: Select the Edit edit button button next to your group name to type a new one. 
    • Send a link to join your group: Select Share link to join group share link button to share an invitation link to your group chat outside of Skype. Chat invitations must be enabled before you can share an invitation link. Select your profile picture, Settings, select Notifications notification button, and then toggle Chat invitations on. 
    • Send a message: Select Send message send message button to send a message to this group.
    • Start a video call: Select Start video call  video call button to start a video call with this group.
    • Start a call: Select Start call  start a call button to start an audio call with this group. 
    • Add People: Select Add people to include additional participants in your group conversation.
    • Add bots: Select Add bots to search for and include a Skype bot in your group conversation.
    • Group Gallery: Select Group Gallery to view all of the images, links, and files that have been shared to this group chat.  
    You can also archive your group chat to remove it from your recent chat list. 

    Update your Group Chat Settings

    • Notifications: Turn notifications on or off to receive an alert anytime you receive a new chat in this group. 
    • Smart Notifications: With Smart Notifications on, you will only be notified anytime someone quotes you or @mentions you in this group. 
    • Add to favorites: Add this this group conversation to the top of your Chats tab. 
    • Chat history: Allow everyone to see the chat history. 
    • Share group via link: Select to allow group members to create and share an invitation link for this group. Chat invitations must be enabled before you can share an invitation link. Select the more More button button, select Settings, select Notifications notification button, and then toggle Chat invitations on. 
    • Leave group: Leave the group chat. 

    No emergency calls with Skype
    Skype is not a replacement for your telephone and can't be used for emergency calling