How do I join a conversation from a link I received in Skype?

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    Select the invitation link you received. If you have Skype installed, Skype will launch and take you to the conversation to start chatting. If you don't have Skype installed, install Skype, then select the conversation link again to start chatting. 

    If you have Skype installed, you can also join any Meet Now meeting or conversation simply by copying the link or meeting code and pasting it into Skype:
    1. Copy the link or code.
    2. Click Meet Now.
    3. Click Join a Meeting.
    4. Paste the link or code into the Meeting link or code box.
    5. Click Join. You will be added to your meeting/conversation.
    If you don't have an account for Skype, you can sign in as a guest. Learn more.