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    How do I use Skype in Windows Mixed Reality?

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    Windows Mixed Reality puts you in the center of the richest and most immersive experience - right in the comfort of your own home. 

    What do I need to use Skype in Windows Mixed Reality?
    To use Skype in Windows Mixed Reality, you need a Windows Mixed Reality headset, a PC that meets the hardware guidelines, and the latest update for Skype for Windows 10 version 12.7.597.0 or higher.

    Learn more about setting up and using Windows Mixed reality, and Skype for Windows 10

    Finding your way around Skype in Windows Mixed Reality
    When you launch Windows Mixed Reality, you'll enter the Cliff House - a beautiful, interactive, serene environment.

    Walk over to the deck of your Cliff House, or select Skype from the Start menu to launch Skype. 

    Find your way around Windows Mixed Reality

    A. Profile picture: Select your picture to go to your profile and access your settings. 
    B. Plus button: Create a new group, new chat, new call, or find bots.
    C. Dialpad: Call a mobile or landline number. 
    D. Contacts: Find all of your contacts. 
    E. Search: Search for contacts, content, conversations, or bots.
    F. Recents: Find your recent conversations and calls. 
    G. Contact card: Select the contact card of the person you want to connect with to share your view, start an audio call, or to start chatting. 
    H. Favorites: Contacts you've added to your Favorites list. 
    1. Find the person or group you want to call from your recents, favorites, or contact list. 
    2. Select the contact you want to call, and then...
      • Share your view: Select the Share view button video call button. Your Cliff House experience will then be shared with anyone on the video call.
      • Make an audio call: Select the Voice button audio call button
      • Make a group call: Select the plus button plus button to Add participants, then select the Share view or Voice button. Select the group avatar to create a name for your group or to add a group picture. 
    3. At the end of your call, select the end call end call button button to hang up. 
    1. Select the contact card of the person you want to pin to your Cliff House. 
    2. Select the pin. 
      Pin button
    3. Drag and drop the contact card anywhere in your Cliff House to place it. 

      Drag and drop a contact card to place it in your Cliff House
    4. Select the pinned contact card from your Cliff House to jump right into a video call.