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    How do I use Skype in Windows Mixed Reality?

    Windows Mixed Reality puts you in the center of the richest and most immersive experience - right in the comfort of your own home. 

    What do I need to use Skype in Windows Mixed Reality?
    To use Skype in Windows Mixed Reality, you need a Windows Mixed Reality headset with motion controllers, and the latest update for Skype for Windows 10 version 12.7.597.0 or higher.

    Here's some info and frequently asked questions to help you set up Windows Mixed Reality. 

    How do I use Skype in Windows Mixed Reality?
    When you launch Windows Mixed Reality, you'll enter the Cliff House - a beautiful, interactive, serene environment. Select Skype from the Start menu to launch Skype. 
    Cliff House in Windows Mixed Reality

    What can I do with Skype in Windows Mixed Reality?

    • Share your Cliff House experience with anyone on a video call
    • Make audio or video calls
    • Chat with your friends and family
    • Learn more about Skype for Windows 10


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