Accessibility features in Skype

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    Assistive features help people with disabilities navigate and control their device.

    Customize your theme

    Skype offers many ways to customize your experience to meet your needs.

    1. Select your profile picture.
    2. Select settings button Settings.
    3. Select Appearance button Appearance to customize:
      • Color.
      • Light, Dark, or Use system settings mode.
      • High contrast light or High contrast dark mode.

    Desktop Keyboard shortcuts for themes

    To quickly enter Theme selector:

    • On Mac - Cmd + T
    • On Windows - Ctrl + T

    To toggle between the Light and Dark mode of your current theme:

    • On Mac - Cmd + Shift + T
    • On Windows - Ctrl + Shift + T

    Turn on subtitles

    1. During an audio or video call, select more button more.
    2. Select Turn subtitles on.

    Learn more about using subtitles in Skype.

    Keyboard Shortcuts

    You can quickly navigate through Skype using keyboard shortcuts.

    Font Size

    You can set the default font size of Skype on desktop and Web.

    • On Mac, use the View menu in the top bar to zoom in, out, or return to actual size:
      • Cmd + + for zoom in
      • Cmd + - for zoom out
      • Cmd + 0 for actual size
    • On Windows, select Alt + V to bring up the View menu to zoom in, out, or actual size:
      • Ctrl + Shift + = for zoom in
      • Ctrl + - for zoom out
      • Ctrl + 0 for actual size

    Automatically Answer Calls

    You can set up Skype to automatically answer calls if you prefer. (Not available in Skype for iPhone, iPad, or Web). Note: On Android, this feature is available only when the Skype app is in the foreground.

    1. Select your profile picture.
    2. Select Settings button Settings.
    3. Select Calling button Calling.
    4. Select Advanced.
    5. Select Answer incoming calls automatically.
    6. Optionally you can set Start my video automatically as a secondary option.

    Check Microphone and Video State

    Announce microphone status during a call:

    • On Mac - [Command] + Shift + Option + [M]
    • On Windows - Ctrl + Alt + M

    Announce own video status during a call:

    • On Mac - [Command] + Shift + Option + [K]
    • On Windows - Ctrl + Shift + Alt + K 

    Using Skype with Assistive Technologies

    Skype is designed to work with Assistive Technologies, including screen readers provided with Windows and MacOS. Learn more about Windows Narrator setup. Learn more about Mac VoiceOver setup. Note: Skype does not provide equipment to users, including devices specifically intended for people with disabilities.