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    How do I schedule an interview on Skype?

    You can use our scheduler at https://skype.com/interviews/scheduler.

    What is required to schedule an interview?
    In order to schedule an interview, you first have to create a position. To create a position, click the Add a new position button to bring up the new position form. Only the position name is required to create a new position. Once you enter the position information, click Create, and your position will be created. 

    How does Skype interviews' schedule interviews?
    There are two options to schedule an interview:

    1. Manually: You know the date and time of the interview and the participants will receive an email with the invitation link. 
    2. Smart: You don't know the date and time, and Skype interviews will request available time slots from candidates and interviewers. 

    How does Skype interviews' smart scheduler work?
    It's super simple. We designed our scheduler with minimal effort for the recruiter.

    1. Just tell us the type of interview and give us the participants' email address. 
    2. The candidate can propose new time slots that work for them.
    3. The interviewer will choose one of those time slots, and that's it!

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