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    What is capture and how do I use it in Skype on mobile?

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    To take a new photo, tap the Camera tab and tap the capture button. To take a new video, tap and hold the capture button. You can turn the flash on or off on your mobile device by tapping the Flash Flash button button. Tap the switch camera switch camera icon button to switch between your front and back cameras. Save your new photo or video to your device by tapping the Download Download icon button.  When you go to capture in a specific chat, you will share directly to that chat. When you go to capture from the Chats tab, you can share to any chat and to your Highlights in Skype. Capture is only available in Skype on iPhone and Android (6.0+).

    How can I personalize my photos and videos in Skype capture?

    You can personalize your new photos and videos or existing photos using the features available in capture. To get to your existing photos, tap the Gallery Picture icon button.

    Add photo effects

    Add photo effects
    After taking a new photo, you can swipe through and choose from a carousel of fun photo effects.

    Add some text

    Add text to a photo
    You can choose a new banner color from the panel on the side.

    Add stickers

    Add stickers to photo
    You can move the sticker anywhere you'd like by tapping and holding it. Use two fingers to rotate and resize the stickers. New stickers will be added frequently and may differ by region. 

    Add a drawing

    Add drawing to photo
    You can choose a color from the panel on the side.

    How can I share my photos and videos from capture in Skype?

    When your creation is ready, you can send your photo or video to your Highlights in Skype and to multiple chats at the same time.

    1. Tap Send Send icon
    2. Select the people you want to share with, and tap Send Send icon again. 
    3. Your friends will see your capture in their chat or in your highlights or both.

    To quickly share your captured moment directly to your Highlights in Skype, tap Add to My Highlights Add to my highlights icon button and it will be posted immediately. 

    Share to highlights

    You can also share your captured moments in other applications. After you save your new photo or video to your device by tapping the Download Download icon button, you can share it like you normally would from your device's camera roll.

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