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    On April 2nd, 2018 there will be a Skype service change that will impact the Skype Windows Classic experience when calling a HoloLens contact. 

    At Skype, we're always working closely with the Windows team to ensure that Skype for HoloLens works seamlessly. We will be updating Skype for Windows 10 to bring you the best possible experience during HoloLens calls. 

    An important part of this update creates more consistency across all platforms, including:

    • Mobile calling: HoloLens users can now make and receive calls from iOS and Android devices. 
    • Annotations: Ink mode will no longer be available, though arrow mode remains unchanged as a way to point things out in your space.  
    • File sharing: You can no longer share files on HoloLens, however you can still send, receive, or view files from any other Skype platform or device. 
    We are committed to providing our users with the best possible Skype experience, which sometimes means necessary changes must be made along the way to remain cohesive as we evolve. We can't wait for you to get your hands on the latest version of Skype for HoloLens and tell us what you think by reaching out to your Microsoft representative.

    If you are using Skype for HoloLens in your business today and will be impacted by the new functionality associated with this update, we invite you to email us at, regarding the opportunity to participate in a private preview program for a new Microsoft application based on the remote expert experience.  

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