What is a Skype Number?

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    A Skype Number is a second phone number which is attached to your Skype account, allowing you to answer incoming calls on your Skype app anywhere. People can call you from their mobile or landline and you pick the call up in Skype. A Skype Number is great option if you, or your friends and family live in different countries, or plan to travel abroad and want an affordable way to keep in touch. 

    What are the benefits of having a Skype Number?

    • Get a local number and answer incoming calls on your Skype app, wherever you are in the world.
    • A second phone number for your website or business.
    • Skype Numbers are available in a wide variety of area codes, and in several countries/regions.
    • Set up call forwarding to answer calls on your own or someone else's phone, paying for those forwarded calls with Credit.
    • You can forward your Skype Number to another Skype account for free or set up Voicemail too.
    • Choose the subscription plan length that works for you; one, three or twelve months.

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