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    Why am I being asked to verify my number in Skype?

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    We ask you to verify your phone number so that your friends and family can use that number to connect with you on Skype. Once you verify your phone number, it will be available in search. If you prefer, you can opt out of search and suggestions.

    • Friends that have your verified phone number in their address book will be notified and can then start chatting with you right away.
    • Friends can use your verified phone number to search for you in Skype.

    Once you've verified your phone number, you will also be able to use that number to sign into Skype.  However, you can only have one phone number verified with one account on Skype. It is not possible to verify the same phone number on multiple accounts.


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    No emergency calls with Skype
    Skype is not a replacement for your telephone and can't be used for emergency calling