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    How can I use Spotify in a Skype chat?

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    The Skype Spotify add-in makes it even easier to share a preview of your favorite songs with your friends and family. We are rolling this out gradually to users on Skype. Verify if Spotify is available in your region. The Skype Spotify add-in is not available in Skype for Web.

    With the Spotify Add-in you can:

    • Search for songs, albums and artists.
    • Preview and Share music.
    • Find music to play on Spotify.

    Where to find the Spotify Add-in

    1. In a chat, select the Add-in menu:
      • Add-in button in Skype for mobile and tablet.
      • Add-in menu in Skype for desktop.
    2. Select the Spotify Add-in to open it and search for music or check out the suggested playlists.
    3. As you're searching, you can preview the song by selecting the Play Spotify add-in play sample button button, if available.
    4. Once you find the perfect song, select the Send Spotify add-in send button button to share a preview with your contact. To hear the full song, they can select the Play on Spotify link. 

      Note: Not all songs have a preview available in Skype. The play icon will be unavailable Unplayable Spotify song icon. You can still share the song, but your contact will need to select Play on Spotify to listen on either the Spotify website or Spotify app.