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    What is Microsoft To-Do and how do I use it in Skype?

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    Microsoft To-Do in Skype makes it easy to capture and manage tasks in Skype chats. You can press and hold, or right click on a message to create a task or go to Microsoft To-Do in Add-ins Add-in button to view and manage your to-do. You’ll be signed into Microsoft To-Do with the same Microsoft account you use for Skype. Tasks you create in Skype will be stored in the Microsoft task service and may be shown in other Microsoft services such as Microsoft To-Do, Outlook or Cortana. Learn more about Microsoft To-Do and the Terms of use

    How do I save a task from a Skype chat?

    1. Tap and hold or right click on a message and select Create to-do
    2. Make edits to your to-do, select a specific to-do list, then select Add.
    3. You'll receive a confirmation that the to-do has been saved to your to-do list.

    How do I manage my to-do lists?

    1. From a chat, select the Add-ins Add-in button button.
    2. Select Microsoft To-Do.
    3. Select one of your existing to-do lists if you have one, or create a new one.
    4. From a specific to-do list, you can:
      • Add a new to-do.
      • Edit an existing to-do.
      • Delete a to-do.
      • Mark a to-do as complete.
    5. While in a to-do list you've created, you can also delete the list itself by clicking the More more menu button menu and selecting Delete list.

    How do I set a reminder for a task?

    Setting a reminder isn't currently available from within Skype yet but you can access all Microsoft To-Do features from within the Microsoft To-Do app.

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