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    How do I hide or delete conversations in Skype?

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    Hiding or deleting conversations is available in Skype on Windows, Mac, Linux, Skype for Windows 10 (version 14), Android (6.0+), and iOS.

    What is the difference between hiding or deleting a conversation?
    • Hiding a conversation removes it from your recent chat list view, and it will remain hidden until a new message arrives, or you choose to make your hidden conversations visible again.
      1. From your chat list, select the down chevron down chevron button button.
      2. Select Hidden chats to bring your hidden conversations back into your view.
        Note: You can also use Search to look for a specific conversation name or contact name to find the conversation again.

    • Deleting a conversation removes it from your recent chat list, and clears the history on the chat. The conversation is still available and visible to anyone else on the chat unless they delete the conversation too. When you delete a conversation, you won't be able to view the conversation history again if you start a new conversation with that contact. 

    How to hide or delete a conversation:

    1. Tap and hold or right-click on a conversation in your recent chat list. 
    2. Select Hide conversation or Delete conversation

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