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    What is Skype SMS Connect and how do I use it?

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    Ever wished you could send and receive text messages right from your desktop? Skype SMS Connect allows you to pair your Android phone with your Windows PC or Mac so you can text right from your computer.

    Learn the differences between Skype SMS and Skype SMS Connect.
    To enable Skype SMS Connect, and send or receive Skype SMS Connect messages from your desktop computer, you’ll need:
    • Skype on your Android (6.0+) phone. 
    • Skype (version 8) on Windows or Mac, or Skype for Windows 10 (version 14).

    How to set up Skype SMS Connect

    From your Android phone:
    1. Sign into Skype on your Android phone.
    2. Tap your profile picture.
    3. Tap Settings.
    4. Tap Messaging.
    5. Tap SMS
    6. The steps to sync your computer will vary if you have Skype Credit:
      • I have Skype Credit: Select the radio button next to Via your phone with SMS Connect, and then tap Setup.
      • I don't have Skype Credit: Tap Setup 
    7. Confirm your phone number, and then tap Continue.
    8. The name of your computer will be shown, along with a verification code.
      For added security, we recommend that you continue with the steps below to confirm this code matches the one sent to your computer. Learn more about why you need a verification code to set up SMS Connect

    Check that your Android verification code matches the one sent to your computer:
    1. Sign into Skype on your computer with the same account you used to sign into your Android.
    2. Select your profile picture.
    3. Select Settings.
    4. Select Messaging.
    5. Select SMS.
    6. Confirm your computer name and verification code match what is displayed on your Android phone. 

    Finally, from your Android phone, confirm that your verification codes match:
    1. In the notification window on your Android, tap Yes to confirm that your verification codes match.
    2. The name of your paired computer will be shown on your Android.

    Once you sync your Android phone with your computer, anytime someone sends a text message to your Android, you'll also receive it in your Skype chats if you're signed in. To start a new SMS Connect conversation:

    1. Select the New Chat button
    2. Select New SMS.
    3. Choose one or more recipients from your contact list, use Search, or enter a phone number, and then select Done
    4. Type your message, and then select the Send button. 


    When you disable SMS Connect from your paired devices, this removes all the SMS text messages that were sent while the devices were connected.

    From either your Android phone or computer:

    1. Select your profile picture.
    2. Select Settings.
    3. Select Messaging.
    4. Select SMS, and then...
      • From your Android phone: Tap Remove all  to disconnect all devices.
      • From your computer: Select the More button, and then select Remove this device.
    5. Confirm that you want to remove the device and delete all your SMS conversations from your connected devices, and then tap Remove or Remove All


    SMS Connect data can be deleted from your desktop, or from your Android phone:

    From your paired computer:

    1. Select your profile picture.
    2. Select Settings.
    3. Select Messaging.
    4. Select SMS.
    5. Select the More button, and then select Delete all SMS connected messages in Skype. This will delete all past data. Since your devices are still paired, any new messages will show up as normal. 
    6. In the Delete SMS Connect data window, select Delete

    From your Android (this will remove all connected devices and delete all SMS Connect data):

    1. Tap your profile picture.
    2. Tap Settings
    3. Tap SMS.
    4. Tap Setup.
    5. Tap Continue.
    6. Tap Delete all SMS Connect messages in Skype. This will remove all connected devices and delete all SMS Connect data. 

    I have added my desktop to Skype SMS Connect, why don't I see my SMS conversations?
    Skype SMS Connect does not sync past messages from your phone prior to pairing it with your desktop. Once your desktop has been added to SMS Connect, you will receive any new messages. 

    Why don't I see my Skype SMS conversations in Skype on Android?
    Skype SMS Connect is a relay only experience currently. Continue to use your existing messaging app on your phone. 

    I'm trying to connect my desktop, but it doesn't show up as available on my Android phone.
    There are a few reasons why this might happen, check the following:

    • Make sure you have the latest version of Skype on your desktop. 
    • Make sure you are signed into the same account on both your computer, and Android phone.

    I'm not receiving my messages, or they are slow
    The most common reason for undelivered, or slow messages is that Skype is running under battery management (Android Doze). To disable Android Doze:
    1. Tap your profile picture
    2. Tap Settings
    3. Tap Messaging.
    4. Tap SMS
    5. Tap Setup
    6. Tap Continue
    7. Tap Run Skype in background.

    Why can't I send photos or videos from Skype on desktop?
    We currently don't support sending media content. We do support receiving photos and videos. 

    Why can't I delete Skype SMS messages sent from Skype on desktop?
    We currently only support deleting an entire conversation from Skype on desktop. You can also delete a single message in your phones messaging app and it will be deleted in Skype. 

    Why can't I see my phone contacts in Skype on desktop?
    Skype only uses the local address book of the device it's installed on. If your device doesn't have access to the local address book, we will display your Android phone's address book name if you have provided permission to sync your address book with your Skype contact list.


    No emergency calls with Skype
    Skype is not a replacement for your telephone and can't be used for emergency calling