What is Skype calling with Alexa?

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    Skype calling with Alexa allows you to make and receive Skype calls through Alexa devices with just the sound of your voice.

    Here's what you need to begin making Skype calls with Alexa:

    • A compatible Alexa enabled device with the latest version of the Alexa app. Learn more about Alexa
    • The person you're planning to call should be using the latest version of Skype.  
    • Enable Alexa communications in the Alexa app.
    • Link Skype to your Amazon account in the Alexa app:
      1. Open the Alexa app and select the Menu.
      2. Select Settings.
      3. Select Communications, and then select Skype.
      4. Sign into Skype, and then follow the steps on the screen to link Skype to Alexa.

    How do I make a Skype call with Alexa?
    You can make voice or video calls with Alexa by using your voice. For example, simply say "Alexa, Skype mom." 

    How do I answer a Skype call with Alexa?
    When you receive a Skype call on Alexa, you'll hear the Skype ring tone, then Alexa will tell you who the call is from. To answer the call, say, "Alexa, answer." 

    Having trouble placing a Skype call with Alexa?
    If you have problems with a calls failing, not connecting, poor audio or video quality, or dropped calls, make sure the person you're calling is using the latest version of Skype

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