How do I schedule a call in Skype?

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    Call scheduling in Skype makes it easy to set a reminder for a one-to-one call with you and your friends or family. You don't need a shared calendar since the invitation and reminders are all inside of Skype.

    To schedule a call:

    1. Sign into Skype.
    2. Go to one of your chats.
    3. Select the Schedule a Call call scheduling button button to get started. It will either be next to the compose bar or in your Add-ins menu:
      • Add-in button in Skype for mobile and tablet
      • Add-in menu in Skype for desktop
    4. In the Schedule a Call window, you can give your call a title, pick a date and time, and set an alert.
    5. Select Send and the call reminder will be sent to your chat where your contact can then accept or decline the scheduled call.

    Key features of Skype call scheduling

    • Schedule a call from any chat and be notified when it’s accepted or declined.
    • Receive push and in-app notifications for any updates to scheduled calls you’re invited to. Make sure you enable Scheduled call notifications on mobile and desktop
    • Set a reminder period for each call and get notified when a call is about to start, whether the app is running or not.
    • Track and update scheduled calls from the reminder in your chat.
    • View your scheduled calls in your Calls tab.