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    What is People You May Know and how does it work in Skype?

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    People You May Know helps you quickly find friends on Skype. These suggestions are based on connections of mutual contacts you've added or chatted with on Skype. 

    You will see People You May Know displayed in your Chats tab. Select the more more button button for People You May Know, where you can:

    • Learn more
    • Hide the feature for now
    • Show more suggested contacts (desktop); See all (mobile)

    Manage receiving and appearing in suggestions by changing your privacy settings in Skype.

    We use contact data for People You May Know suggestions where a user has provided permissions to do so. A user can change her or his permissions at any time. Only a subset of contacts associated with your Skype profile is used to enhance the People You May Know suggestions. Contacts should fit at least one of the following criteria to be used:

    • You've reached out to the contact, and they accepted your request.
    • The contact reached out to you and you accepted their request.
    • Both you and the contact have or have had each other saved in your respective contact lists. If you've removed the contact, they may still be used in People You May Know suggestions. Learn more about how to stop them from being used.
    • Both you and the contact have your address books synced and have each other saved on your respective devices. You can choose to opt out of this by turning contacts syncing off. Learn more.
    • You clicked on an invite link from the contact and you accepted their request.
    • The contact clicked on your invite link and they accepted your request. Learn more about inviting someone to Skype.

    People You May Know are not your contacts and do not have permission to see your contacts-only profile info.

    We use your contact data solely for the purpose of making it easier for you to find people you know. For example, in addition to showing recommendations in People You May Know, we use your contact data for:

    • Ranking search results higher if you share mutual contacts with the contact result.
    • Displaying the number of mutual contacts you have in common with other contacts in search results.
    1. Select your profile picture.
    2. Select Contacts Contacts tab.
    3. Select Privacy.
    4. Toggle Receive suggestions to off. You will no longer see People You May Know in your Chats tab.

    Learn how to opt out of appearing as a recommendation in People You May Know suggestions on desktop and mobile.

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