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    How do I use OneDrive in Skype?

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    The OneDrive add-in makes it easy to share files and photos with your friends and family in Skype. The OneDrive add-in is not available in Skype for Web.

    To share the link to a OneDrive file, photo or folder in Skype:

    1. Go to the chat you want to share to.
    2. Select the Add-ins menu:
      • Add-in button in Skype for mobile and tablet.
      • Add-in button in Skype for desktop.
    3. Select OneDrive OneDrive add-in.
    4. Select the file, photo or folder you would like to share a link to in your Skype chat.
    5. Select Send to confirm sharing the link.

    Things to keep in mind when using the OneDrive add-in:

    • After sharing a link to a OneDrive file, photo or folder in Skype, anyone with that link can access it. Learn more about how to stop sharing a OneDrive link.
    • If you experience issues opening the OneDrive add-in, or if you don't see the files you are looking for, make sure you are signed into the same account that you use for both OneDrive and Skype.

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