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    How do I switch views during a Skype video call?

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    During a video call in Skype there are a lot of options to choose how you view your friends, coworkers, peers, and family. You can switch between Grid view with up to 10 video streams at once, Large grid view with up to 49 video feeds in a 7x7 arrangement, appear seated next to one another in Together mode, or switch to Speaker view to focus on the person currently speaking.

    To switch views in Skype on desktop:

    1. Click the Switch View Skype call change views button button.
    2. Select either Grid viewSpeaker view, Together mode, or Large grid from the menu.
      • If you decide to use Together mode, you'll need to choose your scene first and then you can Apply and enable for all chat participants.

    Note: If you do not want to participate in Grid view, Together mode, or Large grid you can turn your video Video camera button off.

    Together mode call participants screenshot
    Whether you're in a one-on-one or group call, Together mode puts your participant video feeds in a virtual space with a variety of scenes to choose from.

    Large grid view with 49 video feeds screenshot
    With Large grid view, Skype shows up to 49 video feeds at once.

    To switch views in Skype on Android, iPhone and iPad:

    1. Tap the Call layout Skype call change views button button.
    2. To switch views, select either Grid viewSpeaker viewTogether mode, or Large grid view.

    Note: Android devices version 8.0+ with a 2.3GHz+ processor and iPhones 7 Plus and later with iOS 12+ show up to 8 participants (a 2x4 arrangement) in Grid View. Android tablets version 8.0+ with a 2.3GHz+ processor and iPads (5th Gen and later, and all iPad Pro and Air models) with iOS 12+ show up to 9 participants (a 3x3 arrangement) in Grid View.

    Mobile device Modern Grid view example