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    How do I switch views during a Skype video call?

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    During a video call in Skype, you can switch between seeing up to 9 people in a call with the 3x3 Grid view, multiple people's video in the grid view, or switch to focusing on the person currently speaking in the speaker view.

    To switch views in Skype on desktop:

    1. Click the Switch View switch view desktop button.
    2. Select either 3x3 Grid view, Grid view or Speaker view from the menu.

    Note: 3x3 Grid view is available on Skype for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

    3x3 Grid view example.

    To switch views in Skype on Android (6.0+), iPhone and iPad:

    1. Tap the Grid View Skype grid view button to switch to speaker view.
    2.  To switch back to grid view, tap the Speaker View Skype Speaker view button.