How do I block unwanted calls to my Skype Number?

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    Unwanted call blocking is a feature that helps block your Skype Number from receiving unwanted spam calls. It's free to use, and the best part is you'll get less interruptions from intrusive spam calls. 

    To change call blocking settings for your Skype Number:
    1. Select your profile picture
    2. Select Settings gear Settings.
    3. Select Account & Profile button Account & Profile and then select Your Account button Your account​. 

      Note:  If you are using Skype for iPhone or iPad, learn how to manage your profile and purchases
    4. Under Manage features, select Skype Number Skype Number button.
    5. Turn the Allow Skype to block unwanted calls option on or off.

    Note:  Some regions may have the block unwanted calls feature enabled by default.