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    How do I bookmark a message in Skype?

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    Never lose your place on Skype. You can easily bookmark important Skype messages and attachments in a conversation for quick viewing later.

    How to bookmark a message in Skype:

    1. Select Chats Chats Icon 
    2. Choose a chat with items you would like to bookmark.
    3. Tap and hold (mobile) or right click (desktop) any message text, file, or media in the conversation that you want to bookmark.
    4. Choose Add bookmark from the menu.
      • A bookmarkBookmarked Iconicon will appear next to the message or attachment.

    To remove the bookmark: Simply tap and hold or right click the bookmarked item and choose Remove bookmark from the menu.

    How to view bookmarks in Skype:

    1. Choose your profile picture.
    2. Select BookmarksBookmark Icon 
    3. Choose a bookmark to review.
    4. SelectChevron Right Icon to go to the conversation where the bookmark is located.

    Additional Options:

    In theBookmark IconBookmarks window, tap and hold (mobile) or right click (desktop) any bookmarked item to:

    • Copy the bookmark
    • Forward the bookmark to a contact
    • Remove the bookmark