How do I bookmark a message in Skype?

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    You can easily save important messages or media in your Skype chat, as a bookmark for quick access later. This feature is not available in Skype for Android 4.0.4 - 5.1.

    1. Select Chats button Chats.
    2. Choose the chat with messages you want to bookmark.
    3. Tap and hold (mobile) or right click (desktop) any message text, link, or media in the conversation.
    4. Select Add bookmark from the menu.
    5. To confirm, a Bookmark button bookmark will appear next to the message. You can remove the bookmark at any time.


    To remove a bookmark:

    1. In your chat, tap and hold or right click a bookmarked message.
    2. Select Remove bookmark from the menu.


    How to view and manage bookmarks

    1. Select your profile picture.
    2. SelectBookmark buttonBookmarks.
    3. In theBookmark buttonBookmarks window, scroll to locate a bookmark.

    To go to the conversation where a bookmark is located:

    Select the Right arrow button arrow next to a bookmarked message. On desktop, hover over a bookmark to select the Right arrow button arrow.


    Additional options:

    In theBookmark buttonBookmarks window, tap and hold or right click any bookmarked item to:

    • Copy - Copy the bookmarked media to your device. Available for text, photos, and emoticons.
    • Save - Save the bookmarked media to your device. Available for voice messages, and photos.
    • Forward - Send the bookmark to a contact. Not available for bookmarked Stickers.
    • Remove bookmark - Remove from your bookmarks window.