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    How do I update my IP Authentication for Skype Connect?

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    Due to some changes to the infrastructure providing the Skype Connect service, you may need to update your SIP profile configuration to avoid interruption in service.

    Refresh IP Authentication details

    1. Go to the Skype Manager site and sign in to your Skype Manager account.
    2. Select the Features tab, then select Skype Connect.
    3. From the list of Your SIP Profiles, select View profile, then select Authentication details.
    4. Verify which method of authentication the profile is using:
      • Registration - This is not affected by the change and no further action is needed. 
      • IP Authentication - The authentication details need to be refreshed. Please continue through the steps.
    5. To refresh the Skype Connect addresses assigned to this profile, simply click on Registration then click back on IP Authentication.
    6. Make note of the connection details to reconfigure your SIP equipment.
    7. Repeat this process for all of your SIP Profiles.

    Reconfigure SIP equipment.

    Update SIP endpoints
    After refreshing your IP Authentication details, you may need to update the endpoints configuration for your equipment. Since every device is different, please refer to your documentation in order to reconfigure your specific equipment.

    Firewall reconfiguration
    If you previously configured a firewall to allow traffic from Skype Connect please re-configure your firewall accordingly.

    The following provides a list of IPs where Skype Connect SIP and TRP traffic originates from.

    Skype Connect IPs: