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    How do I use keyboard shortcuts to quote in Skype for desktop?

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    You can use copy and paste keyboard shortcuts to Quote or Forward messages you've sent or received in Skype for desktop.  You can even Quote or Forward groups of messages.

    Make sure you are using the latest version of SkypeNote: This feature is not available on Skype for Windows (version 14).

    By default this feature is disabled.  To turn this feature on:

    1. Sign in to Skype.
    2. Select your profile picture.
    3. Choose Settings Icon Settings.
    4. Select Messaging Icon Messaging.
    5. Toggle Paste copied messages as quotes on.

    To use this feature:
    1. From your chat, highlight any text within a message or multiple messages that you want to quote.
    2. Copy the text by pressing Ctrl+C (Windows) or Cmd+C (Mac) on your keyboard.
    3. Paste the text in the Type a message text field by pressing Ctrl+V (Windows) or Cmd+V (Mac) on your keyboard.

      Note: To Forward the quote to a different chat, open a different conversation window and paste your copied text there.
    4. Choose Send Send Icon Button to deliver your quoted text.

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