What are Moderated Groups, and how do I use them?

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    Moderated Groups are perfect for when you need more control over the members of a group; for example, a classroom or online presentation. You can use functions within Moderated Groups to modify user roles, ban users from a chat, and more.

    How do I create a Moderated Group?

    1. In Chat, select New chat button New Chat.
    2. Select New Moderated Group or Chat.
    3. Give the group a name, then select the Next arrow.
    4. Choose your contacts to add to the group. You can also search for contacts at the top of the screen.
    5. Select Done to create your group when you're finished adding contacts. Your new Moderated Group will appear in your chats.

      Note: In Moderated Groups, only Admins can start calls, including starting calls via the /golive chat command.


    What can I do in a Moderated Group?

    By default, you are the Moderator/Admin when you create a group, and the people you add to the group are Members/Users. You can use the available chat commands in Skype to promote Users to Admins (which will allow them to start calls), remove someone from the group, and more.

    Note: Some chat commands are only available to Admins, and not all chat commands work in Moderated Groups.