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    Introducing an updated, enhanced Skype for Windows 10

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    Starting in June 2020, Skype for Windows 10 and Skype for Desktop are becoming one so we can provide a consistent experience. This lets us give the newest updates and improvements regardless of where you get Skype, from the Microsoft Store or from

    Q: What’s new in this version?

    A: To keep the consistent experience across platforms, we've added:

    • Updated close options so you can quit Skype or stop it from starting automatically 
    • Skype app improvements in the taskbar, informing you about new messages and presence status  
    • Share files directly from your File Explorer 
    • 9 videos in a video call 
    • Background Replacement 
    • Moderated Chats 
    • Meet Now Improvements 
    • Improved Call Controls 

    Q: What’s not supported in this version?

    A: We tried to preserve all the functionality of the existing Skype for Windows 10 experience, but synchronization with your Outlook contacts is not supported on this platform.