Why are some of my settings disabled in Skype?

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    Because of governmental regulations in the EU, as well as privacy concerns, some users might not be able to use all Skype services. Here are some features and settings that might be disabled in Skype due to privacy restrictions or if you are not old enough.

    Skype Insider Program

    Certain age restrictions prevent users from participating in the Skype Insiders program if they are not old enough.

    Insider builds send optional diagnostic data, which is data collected about your device and Skype experience. If you are not old enough to agree to sharing the personal data included in optional diagnostic data, you will not be able to use the Insiders builds. You can use the retail version of Skype instead.

    Skype Retail builds

    On Skype retail builds, age restrictions prevent some users from sharing personal data. Some services are unavailable if you are not old enough, including:

    • Location sharing
    • Feedback (you can still report abuse)
    • Receiving Skype calls from people not in your contact list
    • Syncing mobile contacts
    • Purchasing paid Skype services

    In addition, there is certain information Skype will never collect from you if they are not old enough. This includes:

    • Optional diagnostic data (device and usage information)
    • Location data
    • Speech data (used to improve Microsoft speech technology)