Why are recurring merchant payments failing? [for Indian customers]

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    A new Reserve Bank of India (RBI) policy effective October 1, 2021 regarding recurring payment authorizations means that any existing automatic recurring payments will fail for purchases. Only payments meeting the new standard will be completed successfully. For Skype, this affects Auto Recharge for Skype Credit, Monthly Subscriptions, and Skype Numbers.

    To correct this issue, select the type of recurring payment.

    Auto-recharge for Skype Credit will no longer function. To purchase Skype Credit, you will now manually purchase Skype Credit whenever you need more Skype credit.

    If your Skype Number has not yet expired and your purchase has not yet failed, you can change your payment method to continue using your Skype Number.

    If your Skype Number has expired, you can purchase a new Skype Number. After you purchase your new Skype Number, the payment process will be the same as your old Skype Number.

    For Skype Subscriptions, you can purchase a new subscription (or the same subscription again), and the billing and recurring payments going forward will continue without incident.