Emergency calling support in Skype for the United States

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    Skype now supports emergency calls to 911 in the United States.

    You can also enable 911 emergency location sharing to permit Skype to automatically capture and share your location with emergency operators when making a 911 call. Your location will only be shared in the event you dial 911 for the purpose of routing your call and providing location information to your local emergency operator.

    If you are operating from a device that does not have an API for location sharing or are in a location where location sharing is unavailable, your location will not be shared automatically with the emergency services operator.

    To enable 911 emergency location sharing:

    1. In Skype, select your profile picture.
    2. Select Settings, then select Privacy.
    3. Turn 911 emergency location sharing on. You will need to acknowledge the Notices & Disclosures and the Special 911 Warning of Limitations & Unavailability to complete the process. You can disable 911 emergency location sharing at any time, but this means your address will not be shared with 911 in case of an emergency.

    Note: You may also need to allow Location sharing from your device settings. Settings are managed differently depending on the device. If you’re not sure how to check your device settings, you may need to check the manufacturer’s website.