How do I start a Skype call with Apple CarPlay?

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    You can use Siri voice commands with Apple CarPlay to make Skype calls to your contacts or a phone number. You need to have Apple CarPlay set up*, Ask Siri enabled*, and Use with Ask Siri enabled in Skype on your iPhone to use this feature. 

    To enable Use with Ask Siri in Skype:

    1. On your iPhone, go to Settings.
    2. In the list of apps on your iPhone, scroll down and tap Skype.
    3. Tap Siri & Search.
    4. Turn Use with Ask Siri on.

    To make a Skype call with Apple CarPlay:

    1. Select the Skype app to prompt Siri.
    2. Using Siri voice commands, you can:
      • Ask Siri to start a call with a Skype contact.
      • Ask Siri to start a call using a phone number. 

    If Siri needs clarification on the name of the contact, it may ask you to confirm the right one. After you specify the one you want, your Skype call will start.

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