What are the requirements to obtain a Skype Number in Japan?

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    Due to Japanese regulations, effective June 12, 2023, when you request a Skype Number in Japan, you will be required to go through the verification flow in order to purchase a number.

    After you complete the verification flow, you will be given the selected Skype Number.

    Here's what to expect after placing your order:

    • You will have to upload a form of ID (Passport, My Number Card, Resident Card).
    • You will have to take a live selfie or upload a Headshot photo.
    • You will need to install Microsoft Authenticator app to your mobile device.


    How do I install Microsoft Authenticator?

    Search for the Microsoft Authenticator app in either the App Store on your Apple iOS device or the Google Play store on your Android device.

    For more information about how to download and install, please go to Download and install the Microsoft Authenticator app, or for how to set it up, please go to Add personal Microsoft accounts to the Microsoft Authenticator app.

    Tips to help with the verification flow

    Tips regarding the form of ID:

    • You must have a close-up showing the entire front and entire back of your ID card. Ensure that all text on the card is legible.
    • The image size should not exceed 5MB.
    • The image must be in .png or .jpeg format.

    Tips for the live selfie or headshot photo:

    • Please ensure your selfie is in focus.
    • Please ensure your selfie is facing forward and you are looking at the camera.
    • Please ensure your selfie includes your entire head and shoulders.